These books are worthy of a place in any woodworkers library.

American Furniture of the 18th Century: History, Technique, and Structure – Jeffery P. Greene

As a furniture maker, this is by far my favorite period furniture book. Why? Because the 18th century is the most prolific time period in furniture history and Jeffery Greene (the author and accomplished period furniture maker) puts it all into perspective. The coolest thing about this book (aside from furthering my understanding of American period furniture) is the level of detail into the construction methods used by the 18th century cabinet maker. Many of these construction methods have stood the test of time and often find their way into todays contemporary furniture.

The book is broken into three parts:

  • Part One: The Origins and Evolution of American Furniture Styles
  • Part Two: The Methods and Materials of the 18th Century Cabinet Maker
  • Part Three: Example of Style and Structure






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